The Working Kelpie Council of Australia

Breed Society for the Australian Working Kelpie

Selection Of Your Pup Or Dog
Extract: “Training notes for farmer” by John Gedye

I have put this near the beginning because of its importance. Your selection should be based around the following:

  • Your own temperament
  • Your mode of transport when working the stock
  • The type and number of sheep and/or cattle you run
  • The size of your property and location re terrain and also temperature zone.
  • Whether you have other working dogs or it is to be your only one
  • Or its main purpose is for trialling

The following should be considered.

  • Sit down and talk to the breeder and explain your situation re the above, then ask their advice re the best pup or dog to suit your needs.
  • Kelpies are not just Kelpies. They vary in temperament and work style and there are many different work types within the breed.
  • Arena trial types - quick covering, heading dogs.
  • Mustering dogs - moderately wide workers with natural "break off'
  • Mustering all-rounders - some width re work style, some steady force
  • All-rounders - close workers, some tail end force
  • Forcing dogs - as in shed and yard dogs, truck dogs etc, less heading, close workers with bark

Selection Is Important
Get your selection right and you are 90% of the way there; the young dog will teach you and these training notes will gather dust. Get it wrong and like many farmers you will consider yourself as a poor dog handler, not much good at all with dogs, and sheep work will be a struggle.