The Working Kelpie Council of Australia

Breed Society for the Australian Working Kelpie

Aims of the Working Kelpie Council

To foster maintain and promote the breed known as the Australian Working Kelpie ('the Kelpie').

To conduct verify and maintain the National Stud Register for the Kelpie and to publish stud book volumes from time to time, containing therein the histories, pedigrees, breeding returns of all studs and noting the Kelpies accepted for registration in accordance with the rules for the time being in force and the pedigrees of such dogs and any other information as the Council may from time to time think fit.

To place particular emphasis on the preservation of the natural ability of the Kelpie to work stock.

To encourage the breeding registration and use of Council registered working strain Kelpies.

To promote amongst the pastoralists of Australia and the general public a keen interest in the Kelpie and his work.

To urge all people associated with the Kelpie to consider more fully the dog's conformation, constitution, good health and welfare.

To publicise to members by means of regular bulletins, the affairs of the Council.

To collect, verify and publish information relating to the Kelpie, its history and breeding, and inherent qualities, and to publicise and promote in every way not mentioned herein, the value of the Kelpie.

To create a library of information on the Kelpie for circulation to all interested members, and provide or contribute towards the provision of prizes, awards and distinctions in connection therewith provided that no member of the Council shall receive any prize, award or distinction of monetary value except as a bona fide successful competitor.

To support generally the Sheep Dog Workers' Associations throughout Australia,

To support and promote where considered advisable sheep dog trials, field trials and competitions;

To buy, sell and deal in all kinds of equipment and products required by the members of the Council or persons frequenting the Council's premises.

To be a non-profit organisation formed upon a national basis to assist in all matters connected with the Kelpie in the pastoral industry.

To deal in property in any manner.

To invest and deal with the money of the Council in such manner as the Board thinks fit.

To make donations to patriotic or charitable purposes.

To assist all interested people, particularly the younger generation by producing information on care and feeding, training and breeding of the working dog.

The Council shall make every attempt to gain support not only from annual membership subscription but also from firms and people connected with the industry as well as the general dog-loving public.