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Casterton Kelpies Muster June 2010

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Stockman's Challenge
The Stockman’s Challenge was an event to watch as Ben demonstrated his stockman skills and navigated his way around the obstacle course, with his horse and kelpie 'Zapp'. It was the event definitely not to miss.

It’s a great skill of team work between person, horse and kelpie. This year the event was a draw for first, won by Ian James working Akubra Luke purchased at the 2008 Casterton Working Dog Auction and Dennis Neal working Pomanda Rod bred by Nancy Withers of Casterton (each scored 610 points)., third was JJosie Jackson, Horse Hippy with her dog Sherwood Winnie (Score 582 points), with Lucy Sellars, Horse Wallaroo Asher with her dog Dude fourth (Score 553 points).

Stockman's Challenge

Stockmans' Challenge

Hill Climb
The steepest hill in Casterton, aptly named 'Toorak Hill' was the site for the Kelpie Hill Climb, Adam Ward with Ozzie won (31.40 seconds), with Shane Beauglehall with Dusty second (32.89 seconds), and third place went to Geoff Burling with Rosie (33.25 seconds).

Hill Climb 1

Hill Climb 2

Hill Climb3