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National Kelpie Field Trial Championship (NKFTC)
2024 National Kelpie Field Trial Championship Results
The trial was held in Kellerberrin Western Australia 20-21 April 2024.

Bloodline for WHISPER SNIP can be seen here....

The National Kelpie Field Trial Championship of 2024 was a showcase of the finest Kelpie sheepdogs and their handlers from around the country. It was held against the backdrop of scenic countryside and embodied the rich tradition and heritage of sheepdog trials in Australia.

Throughout the championship, spectators were treated to a series of captivating trials that put the Kelpies' intelligence, agility, and teamwork to the test. Each trial presented a unique challenge that underscored the remarkable bond between handler and dog. As the competition unfolded, the air buzzed with excitement and anticipation, with participants vying for top honours and the coveted title of National Kelpie Field Trial Champion.

The championship was not just a competition, but also a celebration of camaraderie and sportsmanship within the sheepdog community. Handlers supported one another through triumphs and setbacks, and forged lasting connections centered around their shared passion for working dogs. Amidst the competitive spirit, there was a palpable sense of mutual respect and admiration for the dedication and skill displayed by both dogs and handlers alike.

In the end, as the final trials concluded and champions were crowned, the National Kelpie Field Trial Championship of 2024 left a lasting impression on all who attended. Beyond the thrill of victory, the event served as a testament to the enduring legacy of the Kelpie breed and its integral role in the rich tapestry of Australian agriculture. The participants carried with them memories of camaraderie, competition, and the enduring bond between human and Kelpie.

1 Aoidh Doyle
2 Nan Lloyd
3 Adrian Carpenter
4 Gary White
5 Ken Atherton
6 Gary White
6 Kevin Howell
WKC Trophy Wiiners - 2024
Bradley Sisters Memorial Trophy
Rod Cavill (VIC)
Tundabardi Mate
Bred by Rod Cavill
Bullenbong Trophy
Daniel Beard
CJ Butler Memorial
Nan Lloyd (WA)
Kumbark Lexi (85)
Capree Stud Perpetual Trophy
Nan Lloyd (WA)
Kumbark Lexi
Coleman Noakes Memorial
Ken Atherton (WA)
Ramulam Prickles 57
Frank Scanlon Perpetual Trophy
Tara Herbert (WA)
Lorna Browning Trophy
Nan Lloyd (WA)
Kumbark Lexi
85 Points
Scoriochre Trophy
Adrian Carpenter
Tarrant Rockybar Trophy
Bree Cudmore (VIC)
W Prendergast Memorial Shield
Aoidh Doyle(VIC)
NKFTC Winners Trophy Perpetual Shield
Solid silver head in centre is awarded to the winner each year. Originally donated by the Bob Martin Company who sponsored the holding of the trial for Kelpie sheepdogs it became the major trophy associated with the trial when commercial sponsorship ceased.

Bradley Sisters Memorial Trophy
Unpolished bronze Kelpie Head, cast, stylised map of Australia in wood. Perpetual trophy awarded to Best Type of Kelpie competing in WKC National Trials'. The trophy was donated by the WKC to perpetuate the work and memory of Joan and Eileen Bradley who had been associated with the formation of the WKC and given unbroken service on the committee and who had devoted a considerable amount of time, in association with Barbara Cooper, to the analysis of the connection between conformation (body framework) and efficient and sustained movement. The trophy is awarded to the dog which possesses sound conformation and pleasing ‘Kelpie type’ appearance.

Bullenbong Trophy
Highest scoring Novice dog worked by a Novice handler outside the final. Ice Bucket donated by the late Mike Donelan who conducted the well-known ‘Bullenbong’ Kelpie Stud at the Rock, NSW. The trophy was designed to encourage participation in the trial by novice handler.

CJ Butler Memorial
'Rounded type' shield. In memory of the WKC Foundation President. Originally presented for competition at the Australian Championship Trials, when the trial was conducted annually at Nyngan the hometown of the late CJ Butler. Originally awarded to the Kelpie gaining the highest aggregate score it was re-allocated 1970 to the National Kelpie Trial for awarding to the Kelpie with the highest individual score.

Capree Stud Perpetual Trophy
(Formally Bayer Trophy) Awarded for the fastest time over the completed course - Donated for competition in 1981 by the Bayer Company, manufacturers of Veterinary products.

Coleman Noakes Memorial Trophy
Highest scoring Novice Dog - 3 Columns, laurel wreath with head imposed on an 8-sided wooden base. Donated by the Noakes family in memory of the late R C ‘Pat’ Noakes who conducted the very well known ‘Woombi’ Stud. The late ‘Pat’ Noakes was highly respected as a Sheepdog Trial Judge and President of the NSW Sheepdog Workers from the time it reformed after World War ll until approximately 1952. The trophy was originally donated to the NSW Sheepbreeder Association. for awarding to the highest scoring Novice dog in the NSW Championships at Sydney. When the trial was no longer conducted by the NSW Sheepbreeders the trophy remained out of competition for some years before being re-allocated to the WKC It is awarded to the highest individual score by a Novice dog.

Frank Scanlon Perpetual Trophy
Best Cast, lift and draw - Silver Tray. Donated by P S L Austin in recognition of the part Mr Frank Scanlon has played in the development of the Kelpie breed. The Scanlon bred strain is highly regarded for possessing naturally good cast, lift and draw.

Lorna Brown Trophy
Awarded to the lady handler working the highest scoring individual dog in the NKFTC.

Scoriochre Trophy
Silver tray. Awarded for the most effective yard performance. Donated by John Gedye of the Scoriochre Stud, Dundonnel, Vic. to provide recognition of dogs who possess effective yard working ability in addition to their ability in the field.

Tarrent Rockybar Trophy
Awarded for the ‘Best Outside’ work in the opinion of the Judge.

W Prendergast Memorial Shield
Bronze Kelpie Head. Perpetual shield: Awarded annually to the Breeder of the winner. Donated by the Prendergast family in association with the WKC - in memory of the late W J ‘Bill Prendergast whose ‘Cudgee’ Kelpie Stud was founded before the turn of the century.