The Working Kelpie Council of Australia

Breed Society for the Australian Working Kelpie

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I Establish My Account Balance?
To establish your account balance please look at your News Bulletin address label – you will notice that on the extreme right of your name (on the same line) there are a series of numerals. If you put a $ sign in of the numerals you will establish your balance. You only need to pay the amount if there is minus sign in front of the numbers. E.g. -3.00 means a debit balance and you should pay the WKC $3.00. 3.00 means you have a $3.00 credit balance in your account. The current balance, on your invoice, represents your credit or debit balance after the invoice total has been debited.

What is the Correct Tattoo Identification Procedure?

  1. Ensure the ear or flank is clean. If the skin is greasy it will affect the quality of the tattoo.
  2. Each pup or dog a differential numeral. Make a note of the number used so that duplicates do not occur. The numbering can revert to 1 at the beginning of the colander year when the year code letter is changed.
  3. The year code letter follows the numerals and should not be placed in front of the number. The correct sequence is: Breeders symbol, the number which is changed from pup to pup, then the year code letter which is ‘B’ for 2008, ‘C’ for 2009, ‘D’ for 2010 etc.

How do I make an Application for Registration?

  1. Certificate of Services should be submitted when the Sire is not owned by the breeder.
  2. The Dam of the litter is recorder to the name of the breeder of the dog and litter. To avoid delays please make certain your application complies with these two requirements.
  3. Fill in given names for all the pups; their tattoos (if applicable) details of colour, sex and date of birth.

How long does it take to process the application?
Fully completed applications rarely take more than three weeks to process. With the exception of overseas owners have their Certificates posted directly to them.

Can I get Back Issues of the New Bulletin?
Yes! We have all issues available (except the first few years). They are $7.50 each including postage.

Can I Get Previous Stud Book Volumes and Appendix Volumes?
Yes! We have all issues available (except Vol. 1, 2, 3 and 11 of the Stud Book Volume). They are $7.50 each including postage.

Are the Stud Books Available on CD?
Yes! Vol. 1 – 54 sand appendix 1 -16 are available.

Extended Pedigrees
Members can obtain extended pedigrees. If send out with the regular News Bulletin A six generation print out on A4 is 50 cents. If posted separately or faxed they are $1.00 each. When ordering please list dog’s name and registered number and advise if you want the pedigree faxed or posted.

How do I send you photographs?
We love to receive your photographs of trial winners and placegetters for inclusion in the New Bulletin and Website. We prefer digital photographs rather than printed versions. You can E-mail them to