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Formation of Working Kelpie Council
The Working Kelpie Council was formed in 1965, although the need for such an organisation had been discussed continuously during the previous decade. With the natural loss of the men who have successfully brought the breed through to modern times, the lack of active encouragement by the various Sheep Dog Workers' Associations towards pure breeding, and more importantly the damage being done by the supply to the Pastoral Industry of the Show Kelpies which through sheer lack of selection for working ability, had been deteriorating rapidly over the last twenty years or more, it was felt that unless something was done the reputation of the pure-bred Working Kelpie would be affected. The Working Kelpie Council was formed to counteract the buyer resistance to the pure-bred Kelpie and to ensure the future of the breed as a working sheepdog for all time.

Formed along the lines of other breed associations, the Council operates as a service to the man on the land as well as the Breed. From the very beginning emphasis and encouragement was given to the need to register and record breeding activities and individuals were encouraged to think in terms of developing small studs rather than just to breed for their own needs.

A Breeders' Directory was established by the accredited breeders of the day and encouragement was given to prospective breeders by the inclusion of a provisional list. All new breeders are restricted to this section until the ability of the stock being produced has been established. The Breeders' Directory was an immediate success and within months proved that it was a service well overdue; the overwhelming support from the Pastoral and Agricultural Industries both in Australia and overseas has done a great deal to establish the Council as Australia's national authority for the Breed.

Woombi Clyde

Being a national organization the need to have centrally situated records became essential and for a considerable time the WKC negotiated with the various State official canine bodies in an effort to gain their co-operation. However, lack of unity between the States hampered progress. With some regret, after two and a half years of negotiating, failing to achieve a solution, the Council was forced to implement its own National Stud Register in October 1967. The first volume of the National Stud Book was issued in November 1967, listing 676 individual dogs. Further volume s have been issued at regular intervals with entries now being received for Volume 51, making a total of well over 48,000 working strain Kelpies (as of year 2009) recorded in the main Stud Book as well as over 17000 recorded in the Appendix Stud books which are issued separately. The Working Kelpie Council National Stud Books are copyrighted as they are issued and, for the convenience of the general public, copies are issued to all Australian Capital City Public Libraries and to local and overseas Agricultural Departments etc., as well as being available for purchase by the general public.

Breeders' Directory
The Directory was established by the accredited Breeders of the day who co-operate to advertise and provide many of this Council's services. A list of current Breeders is enclosed and we particularly draw your attention to the preamble. The aim of the Breeders listed is to produce a continuity of dogs which possess a high degree of natural ability and which are easily trained and versatile. To enable them to do so they need the co-operation of the buyer generally to supply a report on the dogs' progress from time to time. Please remember that unless you report one way or another the breeder has no way of knowing what the overall result of his breeding program has been.

Breeders' Directory Listings
Any WKC breeder of genuine and accredited working strain Kelpies may apply for a listing. The Breeder must make special application to the Board, be proposed and seconded by two Governing Members, hold a registered prefix, submit a detailed list of the dogs and their pedigrees, register his dogs with WKC and be prepared to have his stock inspected at work in the paddock at least. Breeders, on acceptance, are listed in a Provisional section of the list until they are fully established and in a position to accept the added responsibilities expected of fully listed breeders. The Council is anxious to encourage new breeders and every effort is made to assist intending breeders. For more information please E-mail us.

A warm invitation to become a member of The Working Kelpie Council of Australia Inc. is extended to all interested in sheepdogs. All you need to do to enjoy receiving the monthly News Bulletins, etc. is to fill in the Membership form and send it with your remittance. Rural Youth and Junior Membership is available for younger people. Subscriptions fall due on the 1st January each year, members joining later receive News Bulletin back issues for the previous months so that they get a complete set for the year. Half Year Membership from June is available without receiving Back issues. Members joining in November or December are added to the mailing list and their fees credited to the forthcoming year. Governing Membership can become available following 3 years of unbroken financial Associate membership and the compliance with the other requirements set down under clause 3.3 of the WKC Objects.

News Bulletins
All members receive the monthly News Bulletins which keeps them up to date on their Council's activities, in addition to supplying articles about care, breeding, training, etc., and reports on sheepdog trials, forthcoming trial dates, historical research, and so on. The regular inclusion of the Breeders' Notes keeps members informed about the stock which is currently available.

Starting a Kelpie Stud
Listing as a WKC Stud breeder automatically follows registration as a member and the recording of a Stud prefix. Listing of the Stud on the Breeders Directory requires the breeder to make special application and agree to comply with the rules set down in the by-laws. See under heading Breeder's Directory.

Registering Facilities
Stud registering facilities are available to all financial members with special concessions available to those registering whole litters. Additionally the recorded details are listed in Stud Books, to which they have been registered, when published, free of further cost. The listing in the Stud Book appears alphabetically under Stud Prefix together with the name and address of the owner. Refer also WKC National Stud Register/Appendix.

Scanlons Warrigal - Sire of Butler Johnny

Special Free Service
If you are interested in obtaining a particular type of pup or dog, you are sincerely invited to send in full details of what is required. The details will be condensed and forwarded to the Breeders with their next monthly News Bulletin and those with suitable stock will write to you direct. If you have already stipulated what you wish to obtain, the details will be automatically included in the next issue. If you do not obtain your requirements please contact the WKC.

Tattoo Identification
When introducing Stud Registering facilities the Council was conscious of the need of a positive way of identifying individual dogs not only with their entry in the Stud Register but also in the event of disputed ownership or in cases of loss, theft and so on. The permanent tattooing of the ear or flank, whereby the dog carries his breeder's symbol and individual number and year code letter, has proved to be a most satisfactory solution. After the 31st July, 1970 tattooing became a part of the dog's eligibility for registration in the Main Section of the Stud Register and Stud Book. Appendix facilities continue to provide for dogs bred by Breeders who do not wish to co-operate and for dogs which fail to qualify because of shortness of traceable pedigree etc. Before taking delivery of your Kelpie please check the tattoo against the details supplied by the breeder.

Pedigree and Registration
It is recommended that prospective buyers enquire about pedigree and registration. There are two Stud Registers. The National Stud Book register for dogs with four or more generations of proven recorded breeding and an Appendix register which caters for dogs of shorter recorded working background. The registration numbering system is different in each Register. Dogs registered to the National Stud book carry only numerals, Dogs registered to the Appendix start with the letter A The dog's registration in the Stud Register is a worthwhile indication that it possesses a genuine working background or ancestry. Dogs bred by non-members carry Ref: before a previously WKC registered prefix and are not deemed fully registered for competition in the WKC National Field Trial Championship, etc.; nor are they eligible for issue with WKC Export Certificates. S/Bred before the dog's name indicates that the breeder does not hold membership or a prefix recorded with the WKC. Show indicates that the background is registered with one or other of the State canine bodies catering for the exhibition of dogs. A list of well-known working strain stud prefixes is obtainable and can be used as a guide to the working credential of the dogs appearing in a pedigree.