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Burrangong Pastoral Association Sheepdog Trial 1871
Author: Barbara Cooper AM

The following is a published account of the sheepdog trial conducted at the Burrangong Show.

‘In sheepdogs there were three entries and the prize taken by a dog the property of Elliott and Allen. The performance of this dog was something wonderful. Three sheep were let loose and taken outside the ground and the dog called upon word being given brought them into the ground and across through a crowd of people running here, there and everywhere in a manner which would confuse a human being, to their pen, without so much as a bark. So uncommonly well did this shepherds friend behave himself that the other competitors resigned all claim to the prize, and would not put their dogs upon trial’.

The winner was Brutus see inscription on the photograph of the medallion. (Town & Country April 1871 p 518)

The following year 3 dogs were entered one each by Messrs Elliot & Allan, W Rutherford and Wallis Brothers. The newspaper account reads as follows’

‘The trial between sheepdogs, two of which viz Mr Allen's and Mr W Rutherfords entered the lists - was very interesting. The animals were both thoroughly under control and evidently masters of their business, and through a long and severe trial many were the bets hazarded as to how the judges Messrs Todd and Mammond (? Hammond), would give their decision. The preference was, however, in the end given to Mr Allan's entry the same dog which took the prize and even frightened all competitors from the field last year.’ (Burrangong Argus July 1872)

In 1873 G S Elliott Scotch Collie dogs Caesar and Jessie received an honourable mention the only other dogs were exhibited by Mr M McGrath. No results have been found covering a trial of sheepdogs in either 1874 or 1875. A reference in 1875 the Show results states that there were no entries. The 1872 medallion is in the possession of Mrs Garrett.