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Bloodlines 2017

Online Bloodlines Database 2017
Our online database includes dogs born in the last 15 years only (the database is taken from the Main Register and Appendix Registers) and is updated in January each year.. Online we have information on two generations. A complete database on CD is available for purchase. The full database includes all dogs registered and has the capability to print out over six generations. To order your copy send an E-mail to

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If you would like a printed report (for a small fee) on six generations please contact us at In your E-mail please indicate the full name of the dog and its number.

Explanation of Registered Numbers (e.g. 12456 or A2M-12345-99) - Click for more information Main Register
In the 'Main Register dogs are identified by numbers only (e.g. 12456) and have a minimum of 3 generations of background breeding.

Appendix Register
In the 'Appendix Register' dogs are identified by a combination of letters and numbers. The ID consists of a 'prefix and a suffix. (e.g. AFM-12345-99).

The First Character
The letter 'A) denotes a dog is in the' Appendix Register'.

The Second Character

  • 'F' indicates it is a foundation dog without background breeding.
  • A number 1indciates a minimum of 1 generation of background breeding.
  • A number 2 indicates a minimum of 2 generations of background breeding.
  • A number 3 indicates a minimum of 3 generations of background breeding.
  • A number 4 indicates a minimum of 4 generations of breeding background breeding.

A dog with 4 generations of background breeding would normally be placed in the 'Main Register'. If the dog is still listed in the 'Appendix Register' means it does not comply with all of the Council’s requirements (e.g. Dog not tattooed)

The Third Character
Indicates the sex of the dog. 'M for male and 'F' for female.

The suffix numbers indicates the year the dog was born (when known) or the year the dog was registered.