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Victorian Government Legislation - Apr 2012

Many Victorian Members will be aware of changes in legislation brought in by the current Government around the sale of puppies and dogs. While aimed at “puppy farms,” it has greatly affected the sale of all dogs, including kelpies. Some details within the legislation:

  • It is illegal to sell a puppy prior to eight weeks of age
  • All puppies and dogs must have a current certificate of Vaccination for Distemper/Hepatitis and Parvovirus, signed by a Veterinarian.
  • All puppies and dogs must be microchipped
  • It is illegal to advertise a puppy or dog without including its microchip number in the advertisement
  • Quoting your registered number as a Domestic Animal Business with your local council.
  • If you are registered with an “Applicable” organisation you may quote that number but the WKC is not accepted as an “Applicable” organisation.
  • The WKC Board is researching applying for status, but it would be very difficult for us the meet the requirements.
  • However if you “give away” the puppies the above rules do not apply.

There was no consultation with Livestock Working Dog breeders prior to this legislation taking effect.

The DPI Vic is currently conducting a review of the Code for Breeding and Rearing Establishments.

The WKC Board has asked for representation on further proposed legislation changes to the Code and John Gedye attended the first workshop in Melbourne. Nancy Withers attended the second. Dennis Neal has also been in consultation with them. All three worked together to make a presentation on your behalf which John delivered at the first workshop, along with draft copy of our new Code of Welfare for Livestock Working Dogs being developed for these dogs, by the WKC, under the AAWS Strategy.

It is the opinion of your Representatives that many WKC member/breeders may not be aware of the current requirements for Breeding and Rearing Establishments and we urge you to view these on the website: (Part 4) or then go to ‘pets”. Some points are:

  • You must register with your local Council as a Domestic Animal Business if you have three or more fertile bitches and you sell pups. (This could mean that you have an older bitch, a bitch of breeding age and a younger bitch. If they are not desexed they still count)
  • You must have concrete runs connected to a sewer system
  • You must have a 1.8mtre fence surrounding your dogs
Local Councils have, in general, been lenient in the past and we have been assured that it has been recommended that there should be no prosecutions until the review is complete. Your Representatives appreciate the support which has been offered by members to date and would encourage members to contact them. It is important that we present any submissions etc in a united manner.

Nancy Withers 03 5579 1231
John Gedye 03 5259 3597
Dennis Neal 03 5197 7284

All Breeder Members
All member breeders need to be aware that stringent efforts are being taken Australia wide to try and stop or control “Puppy Farm” operators however as praiseworthy as this may be no consideration is being given to the breeders of livestock working dogs which are an extremely important part of our pastoral industries - there are many farms in Australia which could not be used for livestock production without the use of dogs.

Your Council is a stakeholder in the AAWS (Australian Animal Welfare Strategy) where the value of live stock dogs is recognised and they are not included in the companion dog section but grouped with other breeds used for specific type of work as are the guide dogs, police, quarantine, drug detection, rescue and greyhounds etc. We understand that Victoria adopted the AAWS model in respect to Guide dogs and Greyhounds.